Qasa News - Buckle Up! We don't want new members

This December and January, you will see quadriplegics deployed at eight garages on nationals roads encouraging motorists to Buckle Up (wear their seat belt) in order to reduce the number of spinal cord injuries from road accidents on South African roads.

Motorists will be approached at the garages by quadriplegics and asked to sign a pledge to Buckle Up and in return they will receive a license disk sticker. The quadriplegics will wear bibs, which identify them as campaigners.

In all 45 members of the Quadriplegic Association have been employed for this project this year.

The “BUCKLE UP – WE DON’T WANT NEW MEMBERS” campaign was awarded the SA Guild of Motoring Journalists “Road Safety Project of the Year” award in March 2003.

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