Helping you get around town

A constant problem for the mobility impaired is the issue of transport. While there are disabled people who have their own vehicles, or have access to transport provided by family or caregivers, this is not always the case for many others. One solution to the transport issue is the Metrobus service which has 15 buses in Johannesburg equipped for people with disabilities. Special stickers are displayed at the front of the bus to notify commuters. The buses have ramps that align with the pavement to make wheelchair access easy. They also have two dedicated wheelchair spaces complete with seatbelts that lock the wheelchairs to the floor.
Metrobus also offers a Dial-a-Ride service to people with disabilities who can call the bus company to collect them from their homes or offices and transport them to the bus stop or directly to wherever they need to go. A special prepaid tag system is also available for people with disabilities. For more information contact Metrobus on 011 403 4300. SACAB also offers a pick-up and drop-off service for the mobility impaired. SACAB vehicles are equipped with an integral fold down ramp to provide convenient and dignified entry for wheelchair users. The ramp is easy to use and is designed with a shallow angle for ease of access and departure.
Once inside the vehicle, wheelchairs are secured with specially designed anchors and the spacious interior allows for the accommodation of two other passengers.
As SACAB are relatively new to South Africa there are currently 30 vehicles operating in the country, of which 20 are based in and around Johannesburg. However, the company does plan to increase the number of vehicles in the near future.

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