Africa's largest wheelchair?

Nick Green, master dog trainer in Mpumalanga, believes he rides on Africa's largest electrical wheelchair. Nick had a lower leg amputation due to diabetes, but cannot support himself for long periods on a crutch due to his weight.

"It is imperative for me to be mobile, as I train dogs for the security industry, from trackers, which sells for a few thousand rand, to drug and bomb sniffers, which dogs fetch the prize of a small used car, said Green.

Before his operation, he approached several wheelchair manufacturers to custom-design a chair for his bulk, but only Fastpulse could deliver a bespoke chair that supported both his size and his active lifestyle on a farm near Wakkerstroom.

"I was very impressed with the service rendered by Fastpulse. They said the chair would take a week, but delivered it in five days to me at Eugene Marais hospital. Since then, I have been using the chair from sunrise to sunset, travelling on the thick lawn between the dogs' cages, and it has never let me down.

"What impressed me most was that Fastpulse did not need to make any changes to their modular-designed chairs to support my 230 plus kg, all they did was to make the seat wider."

Gerhard Roux of Fastpulse said all the company's chairs were based on the proven Rova 4 chair, which was modernised under new management to win the 2004 Design Excellence Award from the SABS.

"This chair was designed specifically for Africa, with flexible frames and lighter materials that can carry any load over the toughest terrain, as Mr Green testified, Roux said.

Nick Green with his faithful Poodle inspecting his dogs in training.The Rova 4 electrical chair uses a two 320 Watt motors powered by two 38 Ah deep cycle batteries.

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