Radical Mobility completes the range

Local power wheelchair manufacturer Radical Mobility has announced an additional wheelchair configuration to fill out their range of power wheelchairs for all users.

The most exciting development is undoubtedly the Predator 4 x 4 top-of-the-range model, which features four-wheel drive for a go-anywhere capability that has not been available locally before. The chair has been tested on the beach, on rutted muddy roads and steep inclines, and performs perfectly. This chair is specifically designed for the user who wants to enjoy or work in the open, hunting, fishing, trailing, etc.

Radical Mobility also announced optional fittings for this range and the midrange Gazelle two-wheel drive variant. These options include lights, power recline backrest, tilt-in-space, and seat elevation. This feature allows the seat to be raised electrically so the user can elevate his or her eyes to roughly standing height. This means that wheelchair-bound workers who need to serve at counters or to check shelves no longer have to peer up at their customers, and also that access to the seat of a vehicle or a high bed is much easier.

As far as can be established this chair is only the second in the world to offer 4 x 4 traction, and the first in the world to offer seat elevation so Radical Mobility are living up to their name! That is understandable, since the company was formed by Martin Brown, a C3-C6 quadriplegic as a direct result of his experiences and frustrations in trying to find a wheelchair that would not impose additional restrictions on his lifestyle. Martin determined that the chairs made by his company would be ergonomic, comfortable, able to be used outdoors as easily as at home, reliable and above all - they should not look like hospital equipment.

Users searching for a high-performance wheelchair in the past could pay anything up to R150 000 for a chair, and even a basic primarily indoor chair can cost up to R40 000, amounts which are simply out of the range of many disabled people, but now the Radical Mobility range reduces these amounts by more than half, while boasting better seat comfort and support and superior terrain covering ability. The Predator 4 x 4 with its 1000 watts of pure power starts at R50 000 excl.

Radical Mobility operates from a manufacturing facility in Gauteng, and offers a range of services and ancillary equipment to match their chairs. Caregiver advice and training, a full maintenance and repair service and computer configuration for disabled customers is on offer. Radical Mobility can be reached at (011) 664-6069 or at sales@radicalmobility.com. See the website at www.radicalmobility.com for more information.

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