The Face of Determination

Scott Money is nine years old and shows more guts than many adults. He suffered some brain cell damage during a problematic premature birth, which caused some paralysis, mostly in his legs.

Scott goes to Pridwin, a normal able-bodied School, accompanied by his trusty helper, Forgive. Academically, he’s the top of his class. Although wheelchair reliant, he is exploring cricket, tennis and swimming. Scott has been doing karate for the past year at Sensei Shane Dorfman’s KWF-affiliated Dojo in Norwood, Gauteng.(Picture: Scott performs a kata while Forgive holds him steady.)

Scott had his first grading in June 2006, receiving his novice yellow stripe for Kihon, Kumite and Physical skill. His second grading in October 2006 earned him the orange stripe. In November, Shane Dorfman held the KWF Gauteng championships at JCE. Scott could not participate because of the level of skill required and the physical contact. However, Scott was awarded a trophy by Shane Dorfman for his courage and determination. He loves the sport and is continually encouraged by all the other kids. (Picture: Instructor Su Dal Col helps Scott to block and punch.)

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