Qasa News - Hyper-Immune Egg Supplement

QASA is the distributor of Hyper-Immune Egg Product, a new supplement in South Africa that helps reduce urinary tract infections (UTI) and helps heal pressure sores.

Hyper-Immune Egg is an all-natural dietary supplement that has been clinically shown to help maintain a balanced immune system. This helps to support a healthy digestive tract and cardiovascular function. It also lowers cholesterol, maintains healthy joints, boosts energy and well-being.

Hyper-Immune Egg was developed over 20 years from hyper-immune science, which is based on the principle of passive transfer of immunity, common to all mammals. This transfer of information, rather than boosting the immune system, allows it to achieve a state of balance. It’s not a drug, vitamin, mineral, herbal, hormone or homeopathic product, and it does not treat or cure any disease. It is available in powder form or chewable tablets.

“Since I started taking the chewable tablets, I have not had a UTI and have felt new energy.” Ari Seirlis

“I often suffer from bladder infection. Since I started to take hyper-immune egg product, I haven't had a urine tract infection. I tested my urine in a lab to make sure that it was true.” Mari Nell

“After 9 years of having frequent UTIs, I am resistant to most antibiotics. I have had an infection since February 2006, and notice that the severity has decreased this past month. A pressure sore I have had since April 2005 has shown an increase in the healing rate in the last 2 weeks. This is really an exciting product, which I believe is helping my immune system build up and strengthen.” Meryl Oosthuysen

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