Where Rehab Matters

RehabMatters is the culmination of years of hopes and dreams of providing a facility where people with any aspect of disability or dysfunction can receive a wide range of therapies under one roof; a place with a spirit of warmth, empathy and compassion.

Co-founded by Mandy McCulloch and Amy Harrison, RehabMatters is an outpatient centre in Rivonia, Gauteng, run by a group of independent medical and therapy professionals with a passion for rehabilitation. It services the needs of people requiring neurological, orthopaedic, psychological and other general rehabilitation.

The centre offers a wide range of conventional and complementary/alternative rehabilitation options to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of our patients, their families and caregivers.

In-depth knowledge
The centre’s physiotherapists have indepth knowledge of the rehabilitation needs of people with neurological conditions. They focus therapy on the restoration of functional ability following a neurological lesion. The centre has state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment including gait-trainers, an un-weighing system, gait re-trainer treadmill, Balance Master and Recumbent Cross Trainer.

The centre has Orthopaedic Physiotherapists to treat various neck and back conditions, fractures, joint problems, repetitive strain injuries, sports and soft tissue injuries, postural problems, headaches and many other conditions. Occupational Therapists provide rehabilitation using numerous therapies including perceptual and cognitive therapy, arts and crafts, sport and educational games, and complex tasks like car transfers and driving. Other services include returnto- work facilitation and employment options.

A fully accessible kitchen and bathroom are available for training and therapy sessions. Other therapies, products and services include speech and language therapy, orthotics, prosthetics and mobility aids like shoes and wheelchairs. There is also an Holistic Medical Practitioner on hand, as well as a clinical psychologist, dietician and reflexologist. A gym is available for Biokinetic therapy. RehabMatters has a trendy coffee shop for guests, as well as a beauty therapy service offering everything from facials to massage.


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