HOTspot News - SEMBLE-IT swing-out shelves

Another brilliant home product for wheelchair users is the swing-out shelf. The shelf is mounted on two curved swing arms attached to hinges inside the kitchen cupboard. Each shelf has a rather odd shape to allow it to swing out through a relatively narrow opening, but the access provided easily makes up for any loss of space. The shelf also has a “railing” to prevent items from sliding or falling off. Two shelves can be fitted inside a kitchen counter cupboard.

Ufudo Petrol wheelchair
The Ufudo is a unique, petrol powered wheelchair. It has been developed to cater specifically for the needs of rural paraplegics and land mine victims or the adventurous city paraplegic, worldwide.

Conventional wheelchairs are cumbersome, expensive or inappropriate. Special features built into the Ufudo are intended to restore the dignity of the user with personal comfort and hygiene as an absolute priority.

Ufudu enables the user to become a productive and active member of family and community. Since a wheelchair can be considered a paraplegic’s “house” during wakeful hours, the utmost care has been given to ergonomics in the Ufudo. The seat design provides complete comfort and support for maximum weight distribution to minimise localised pressure points.Standard features include a urinating tube, a slide-out transfer platform incorporating a basic commode and an onboard water container for personal use and hygiene. A trailer provides a means for the user to become commercially active. The mechanical design of the wheelchair requires minimal maintenance.


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