OTASA Congress 2007

The Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA) is hosting its 31st national congress from 4 to 6 July 2007 at the University of Pretoria, Main Campus Conference Centre.

The President of the Association is Dr Kitty Uys and Wilma van der Walt is the Chairperson of the Congress Committee.The theme of the congress is “Making It Happen Together - Unlocking the Power of Diversity”. OTASA is looking at working together as a team of interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary members in order to achieve optimum function and independence for OT clients.

There will be two award ceremonies during the congress. The first is the Albie Sachs award, for which Justice Albie Sachs awards an outstanding occupational therapist in the field of rehabilitation. OTASA also has the Vona du Toit award, presented to an OT of the Year for exemplary contributions to the profession. (Vona du Toit is a founder member of OT in SA).This year’s keynote speaker at the congress is Mr Enoch Gxwala of the Development Bank of Southern Africa. His speech will address the question of Diversity and its power to create synergy in a complex world.

Occupational Therapy defined
Man, health and modern living are complex affairs, which are aggravated by ill health, and more so since the effects of ill health range from the simple to the catastrophic. Given today's vast storehouse of knowledge and skills in health matters, there are many professional and technical services that contribute to all forms and levels of health care. Occupational therapists appreciate the notions of cooperation and of being a contributing member in respect of total health care.

The Office on the Status of Disabled Persons in the Presidency has pledged support for the 31st OTASA Congress. The programme's focus on diversity, as well as employment and integration of Persons with Disabilities into society is in line with Government's focus on human rights, mainstreaming and economic empowerment.

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