QASA News - Know your Rights

One of QASA’s roles is informing its members of the basic rights and obligations of people with disabilities. QASA has launched a manual called KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. The Manual includes concise information on the rights of disabled citizens found in the Constitution and related legislation. It covers labour issues, education and skills development, accessibility, government policy and services, organisations and other groups available to assist people with disabilities. (Picture: The first Braille copy of KNOW YOUR RIGHTS was presented to Jace Nair of the KZN Blind & Deaf Society.)
The Manual has proven so popular that QASA has re-produced it in Braille. The first Braille copy was presented to Jace Nair of the KZN Blind & Deaf Society on the International Day of Disabled People, 3rd December 2006.

Many thanks go to SASOL which provided QASA with R50 000 to print and distribute the manuals. (Picture: QASA’s printed KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Manual.)

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