EZValve Legbag drainage system

Attention Quadriplegics! Need to empty your legbag? Don’t like asking for help? Do it yourself with the EZValve legbag drainage system. My name is Jason, a quad for 10 years now. After years of going to work and having to limit my water intake and risk bladder infections, I am no longer faced with that limitation. It’s not that people would mind helping me, I just feel awkward having to ask. The EZValve system is a simple yet effective solution. It consists of a pinch valve connected to my footplate, a length of silicone tubing that connects to my legbag and is clamped by the valve, a switch, battery connectors and a fuse. I can now just ride to a patch of grass or drain, press a switch and empty my bag. It’s as easy as 1, 2, Pee. A few other systems like this exist, but they mostly use a brass valve. The drawback of this is that after continued use, the brass corrodes and the valve eventually fails. They also require constant cleaning and maintenance.

With the pinch valve however, no urine comes into contact with the valve, therefore no corrosion, no leaking, no cleaning, no problem. The best part is that the tubing is rated for 200 000 clamps. That’s 54 years of emptying 10 times a day! The EZValve system sells for R1000 plus shipping. That’s cheaper than the United States version. For more information please visit www.ezvalve.co.za or SMS your details to 083-564-6465.

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