HOTspot News - Bonus for Digidoor winners

Our Digidoor competition introduced in the last issue was won by Attie Eksteen of Norkem Park, who entered on behalf of his wife, Bets. She became a wheelchair pilot five years ago after back surgery.

The Eksteens were delighted to hear that they had won, as Attie had to get out of the car to open and close the manual door every time they went out. But when Digidoor’s Jim Lithgow saw the Eksteen’s rigid steel garage doors, he realised that they were not the right type for his Digidoor motor, and would not work.

“We didn’t want to just drop off the Digidoor motor and then leave; that’s not the spirit we wanted for this competition,” says Jim. So he spoke to his propitiously named regional sales manager, Destiny Elske, and the pair approached Geoff Clarke, a director of Krazi Door Company, manufacturers of quality garage doors. Digidoor and Krazi Door have been rivals and collaborators for many years, with Jim and Geoff affectionately called The A Team. It took no time at all for Geoff to offer not one, but two steel roller garage doors to the Eksteens, one of which would get the remote-controlled digidoor motor.

A small crowd of happy people watched technician Danie Booyens install the two doors and motor in the double garage, to the delight of Bets Eksteen. “I’m very pleased that Attie won the prize for us,” said a proud Bets. Having the remote motorised garage door means that Attie and Bets will be safer when arriving home. Karen Joseph, advertising and marketing manager of Rolling Inspiration, would like to thank everyone involved for their generosity and kindness, especially Destiny Elske and Jim Lithgow of Digidoor, and Geoff Clarke of Krazi Door.

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