Men and Boys

The difference between men and boys is not the price of their toys. I’ll tell you why. One of the top bike technicians in South Africa recently had a freak bike accident at Zwartkops during practice. If you don’t know who I am referring to, his name is Trajan Grobbelaar or TG. Still don’t know? How about Mr. Tornado Development or Mr. T.G. Services? Picture: “Trajan teaches his Physiotherapist how to service a bike – work never stops!”

Two big problems. Firstly a very bad fracture of the T6 - T7 vertebrae. Secondly, this man usually services my motorbikes. Being involved in rehabilitation most of my life I made sure that after he stabilised, he was transferred to the Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital in Johannesburg. Many bikers have ended up here. If you manage to crash yourself into a rehabilitation hospital you can be sure that it is for a lengthy rehab period, and it usually involves something like an artificial limb, caliper or wheelchair.

My 650 Versys was due for its 1000 km service. Usually any bike service, modification or tyre change was no problem to me what so ever. All I had to do was pick up the phone and call TG. His answer was usually: “I’ll pick up your bike tomorrow morning at 7.” But my guy was in hospital, what to do?

On an early morning hospital round I mentioned this to Trajan and to my surprise his response was exactly the same: “We can do it tomorrow at three in the Spinal Gym; I’ll organize the filters, oil, spanners and torque wrenches.”

Now I am quite sure that this is the first motorbike ever serviced in a hospital. TG insisted on doing it all himself, refusing any help. Many bikers injure themselves so severely that they have to make permanent adjustments to their lives. At the end the choice is up to you. You have the choice to carry on living your life to the fullest of your ability, and here you have the perfect example! And that my friends, is the difference between men and boys.

PS. Please do not bring any more bikes to the hospital! This is only temporary!
T.G. is not opening a branch here!

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