Chariot for Easy Riders

Barend had an idea for a motorcycle and went to the local biker club, the The Vaal Centurions in Vanderbijlpark. There he met Dick Modoo, chairman of the club and owner of DIMO Engineering. He looked at Barend’s idea, and discussed it with his fabricator, Eugene Kitt. Eugene did some drawings, and Dick decided to go ahead and build it.

“It” turned out to be a brand new GoMoto scooter which was stripped, chopped and dismembered. Eugene used two inch pipe to fabricate a new frame on a jig, and added some duplicate GoMoto suspension and tail parts to turn the bike into a trike. He added some steel plate decking and fibreglass bodywork, resulting in a nifty three-wheeler motorcycle.

The fibreglass was done by Johan Mostert’s Boatyard and the spray painting by Andrew’s Panel beaters of Vanderbijlpark. The entire process took eight months, and today the Chariot Easy Rider is a technological success. Barend, Dick and Eugene will be manufacturing Chariots for sale to any interested buyers.

The Chariot Easy Rider has a rear door which doubles as a hand operated access ramp. It uses a single cylinder 150cc 4-stroke air-cooled motor with a two-speed automatic gearbox for a top speed of 80kph. Fuel tank capacity is 6.4 litres giving a range of about 200km per tank. The front wheel has a disk brake with ABS anti-skid. The Chariot is totally hand operated, with the accelerator and both front and rear brake levers on the handlebar.

The Chariot Easy Rider comes with a one-year guarantee and the first service is free, with only fresh oil to be paid for. The Chariot will have a full service record available, and spare parts are available. Retail price is expected to be around R45,000.00.







Getting up the ramp is easy.



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