QASA News - Recoveri Takes the Dis out of Disability

Recoveri is a South African owned and managed company that provides an innovative microtag identification and trace solution for high value assets using microdots and information technology. The concept was developed by Richard Webb, and consists of 15000 microdots containing a unique Asset Identification Number (AIN) cemented in over 100 places around a vehicle or other equipment. The AIN is registered to the lawful owner on the Recoveri website database. The QuadPara Association of South Africa owns a 25% shareholding of the company.

Recoveri wants to develop employee skills on all levels, from management down to contractors, and will be recruiting staff within the disability sector to integrate with existing employees. The company has the ability to elevate the skills and status of disabled staff.

The Head Office building in Fairview, Johannesburg has been made accessible and boasts an accessible conference and entertainment facility which can be hired for private functions.

“By affording this type of opportunity to the disabled, the company hopes to garner staff loyalty and a high quality of workmanship. In this way our staff can self-improve and gain more marketable qualities.” says Jakkie Peters, a director of the company and general manager of business administration. “Some people just need a lucky break and a fair opportunity to grow.”

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