HOTSpot News - Work readiness programme for people with disabilities.

Although South Africa has excellent legislation to support the integration of People With Disabilities (PWDs) into the workplace, it does not necessarily create a situation that gets them into the workplace. One of the challenges is their lack of workplace experience.

The Services SETA, in association with Brite Byte, is launching a unique 3-month Work Readiness Programme combined with cognitive enhancement training for People with Disabilities (PWDs).

The cognitive enhancement programme starts with a dynamic assessment to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses of participants. These are then developed through an enrichment programme that will help participants cope with work realities.

Also, the participants’ unique learning abilities will be matched to suitable jobs using a process called cognitive mapping. This will identify their cognitive landscape rather than their qualification shortfalls. The programme is for 200 participants over one year.

Disabilities for this programme include paraplegics, quadriplegics with a writing hand, people who use callipers, assistive footwear, deaf, partially sighted (at least 12 or 14 font), and other disabilities similar to these.

Advantages to the Employer:

  1. No costs: Participants are paid R1000.00 per month by the Services SETA. The employer can add to this amount.
  2. Company fit: Participants are contracted for three months during which the employer can identify potential and assess whether the PWDs can be integrated into the company. The ultimate goal is permanent employment.
  3. Employment Equity: This will assist companies to reach Employment Equity goals in a meaningful way.

Objectives of the Internship are to make PWDs more employable, to expose companies to PWDs with skills and increase the number of PWDs working in companies. There is no obligation to employ the person with a disability at the end of the three month internship.


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