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Deiter astounds again!

Mouth painter Deiter Marzinger teamed up with bike builder Nico Greyling, owner of Exotic Designs, to create a stunning “Freedom Bike” for the African Iron Horse Motorcycle Rally in mid October. Deiter painted a portrait of Nelson Mandela on the petrol tank, and the Freedom Bike attracted a lot of media attention on the Rally.

Deiter knew that the guys from Discovery Channel’s Orange County Chopper programme would be at the Rally, and he wanted to meet them. But How? So he decided to really get their attention by painting their portraits on a petrol tank. It took him 15 hours just to get the basic layout, and he continued work on it at the Rally. There were crowds of people, TV lights, camera flashes and roaring motorcycles all around him. Eventually he was invited to the VIP tent where he met Paul Teutul Snr and the rest of the family. They were very impressed with Deiter’s work, and later on stage they all signed the petrol tank. Nico and Deiter haven’t decided what to do with the tank. Build an OCC chopper, perhaps? As for the Freddom Bike, they want to get Madiba’s signature on the tank, and then auction it, and donate the profits to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. Deiter has a principle: “I will support charities – this is the only way not to become one.”

Silver Fund Cup for Africa

Wheelchair Tennis South Africa hosted the Cruyff Foundation’s Silver Fund Africa Cup for Africa from 1 to 3 October 2007 in Polokwane, Limpopo. Through the Fund, the International Tennis Federation aims to establish long-term wheelchair tennis programmes in developing countries to give disabled children and adults with opportunities to enjoy an active and rewarding life.

The Silver Fund Cup for Africa Ladies Singles final saw South African Kgothatso Montjane beat Nigerian Sussanna Dawodu 6-2 6-0. The win earns Montjane a wild card entry to the Ladies Singles event in Beijing.

“Thanks to the support of ACSA, our two top players have developed to the level where they are now the best in Africa in their respective categories,” said Holger Losch, Director of Wheelchair Tennis. “We are very proud of them and excited about the future of Wheelchair Tennis not just in South Africa, but also in Africa.”

Sydwell Mathosi (21) is an amputee and lives in Giani. He receives a government grant and study subsidy from the department of Labour. He is studying for a BA in Science and Recreation at the University of Venda.

Sydwell represented South Africa in 2006 at the World Team Cup, and also the Nottingham Open, Belgium Open, and Amsterdam Open. His International Tennis Federation ranking is 112 in Men’s Singles and 115 in the Men’s Doubles. His greatest wish is to work with a coach and be number 1 in South Africa, and reach the world top 30 within 2 to 3 years.

Kgothatso Montjane (21) is South Africa’s number-one seeded Wheelchair Tennis Player and lives in Seshego, Polokwane. She already has six titles and is unbeaten in South Africa. Kgothatso is studying for a BSC degree in Recreation and Leisure at the University of Venda.

She is seeded number-1 in South Africa and 47th in the world. Her objective is to reach the world top 20 by 2008, and be selected for the 2012 Para-Olympics.

Book reviews

Fundraising for the New Millennium by Jill Ritchie

Published by Papillon Press ISBN: 0-9583948-5-7

Although written to mark the replacement of the Fundraising Act of 1978 with the NPO Act in 1999, Fundraising for the New Millennium remains relevant as an introduction to fundraising. It is a comprehensive guide to raising money for the Southern African NPO sector with chapters covering a large array of topics including proposal writing, foreign fundraising, marketing and PR for NPOs and cause-related marketing. )

Making Volunteering Work by Michelle Williams

Published by Papillon Press ISBN: 0-9583948-7-3

The only book in South Africa aimed at the management of volunteers, Making Volunteering Work, covers topics as varied as volunteers’ benefits, why people volunteer and volunteers and insurance. It also explains recruiting voluntary help, volunteer management and existing staff members and volunteers. The book is packed with checklists, tips and ideas and includes a disk with a comprehensive range of pre-designed forms for managing your volunteer department.

Rolling Inspiration is giving away one of each of these books to two lucky RI readers in a lucky draw. To enter the draw, just fax or e-mail us the name of the books’ publisher. Include your name, daytime phone number and postal address.

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