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On Saturday 3 November, Dr. Claes Hultling presented a workshop at Aurora Rehab Hospital in Port Elizabeth.

Dr. Hultling is an anaesthesiologist who worked in intensive care until the age of 30 when he sustained a spinal cord injury and became a C6-C7 quadriplegic. After his rehabilitation he started his Spinalis Clinic. Spinalis now has a spinal cord injury unit with 39 in-patients and an out-patient stock of 1253 patients.

He is a member of several international advisory boards on SCI units around the world, and he presented his Ph. D thesis in 1998 on male infertility in spinal cord injured men.

He has a 14-year-old son called Emil who was the first child in the world born with IVF from a tetraplegic father through ART conception.

He has written a book in English called the ”Dialogue book”. The book came about as a result of a conversation between two experienced doctors talking about the consequences of suffering a spinal cord injury.

Dr. Hultling suffered a complete transacted cord in a diving accident in 1983. The injury left him paralyzed from his shoulder, and he has only his right arm fairly intact. Nevertheless, he has been working full time as a medical doctor all along. His colleague, the neurologist Richard Levi, has been a collaborator for 25 years. They both worked together prior to Hultling’s spinal cord injury. ”We wanted to get away from the lukewarm, mediocre institutional material that is given to patients and their relatives and carers,” Says Hultling. “We wanted to do something different, something that by its shape and appearance caught the attention of every potential reader.”150.000 people around the world suffer a spinal cord injury every year. We have 10.000 new cases in the US and about 150 in Sweden. Most of them are young males and they should play an active rule in society. As they grow older they suffer various complications of the shoulder joints, and bladder and bowel problems. Also there are a lot of questions regarding sex and intimacy.

“The book describes all these functions in a very straightforward way, addressing every key aspect of a broken neck and a broken back.”

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