HOTSpot News - Umsobomvu New campaign

The Umsobomvu Youth Fund, launched by government in 2001, recently announced its new campaign to “Invite a Person with a Disability to Work”. The Campaign kicked off in January 2008.

The Fund is intended to implement skills development and job creation for South African youth between the ages of 18 to 35. Unemployment is a major challenge in South Africa and young people with disabilities have even more difficulty finding a job. Umsobomvu CEO Malose Kekana explained the purpose of the Campaign. “It is designed to make employers and employees aware of disability issues; what it’s like to be disabled in society and the workplace. (Picture: UYF CEO Malose Kekana, QASA’s Amor Malan and UYF Research Manager Veronica Mathebula at the “Invite a Person with a Disability to Work” Campaign.)

“The Campaign will also expose young people with disabilities to the vibe in a typical workplace. The primary aim is to encourage the business sector to become a permanent part of this ongoing process of skills development and employment opportunities via our website portal. The ideal outcome would be the permanent employment of people with disabilities in the workplace.” Says Kekana.

The website enables interested companies to register and post vacancies, and it also hosts the CV’s of young and disabled work seekers. The object is to bring potential employers and employees together in an ongoing cycle of new applicants and new jobs. Any job seekers who fail to find a post will automatically go through a skills development process until they find employment.

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