QASA News - QASA Gear Up Strategy

QASA has launched a strategy to build a long-term relationship with the Steel Wings Motorcycle Club and the biking fraternity in general. This is to implement a road safety programme in partnership with QASA’s “BUCKLE-UP, WE DON’T WANT NEW MEMBERS” campaign which aims to highlight the importance of using approved safety and protective gear to prevent serious injury in the event of an accident.

Three times a year, QASA deploys its members (quadriplegics and paraplegics) at eight fuel stop complexes along the major national highways They persuade motorists to pledge to Buckle Up and in return receive a license disk sticker with the QASA Buckle -Up slogan. This campaign recently won the "Road Safety Project of the Year Award". With Gear Up, QASA wants to expand the concept to create awareness amongst motorcyclists and persuade them to use approved safety equipment and thus reduce the risk of serious injury in the event of an accident using a motorcycle. Funds will be raised by the Steel Wings Motorcycle Club to fund the project.

QASA is proud to expand an existing road safety programme to include the motorcycle fraternity. Steel Wings Motorcycle Club can help develop a positive public image on behalf of motorcycle users in South Africa. QASA will participate in the programme by donating a wheelchair for a person with a spinal cord injury caused by a motorcycle accident.

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