QASA News - QASA is the leading disability agency

QASA is the leading disability agency serving spinal cord injured and mobility impaired in South Africa. Our mission is to develop the full potential of quadriplegics and paraplegics in South Africa. It is well known that one of the primary challenges facing persons with disabilities is finding employment. QASA has undertaken to strategically tackle this problem as part of its agenda for 2008.

QASA has the facility to commence with a provincial drive that will source, capacitate and provide employment to members of the disabled community in KZN. The goal is to place 60 persons with disabilities into the workplace in 6 months. The drive will be prudently marketed and vigorously advertised so as to reach as many interested people as possible.

Suitable candidates will be identified, screened and provided with training (where necessary) that will ready them for the work place. Training will include computer literacy courses, etiquette in the workplace, reception and call centre skills. Candidates will then be assisted in compiling a CV and partnered to a suitable agency for placement in the employment market. A centrally located venue in Pinetown will be made available for the meeting and training of candidates.

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