Book Review: The Art of Asking + 60 more Fundraising Tips and Trends

The Art of Asking + 60 more Fundraising Tips and Trends

By Terry Murray (ISBN: 978-0-9584434-8-7) Price: R200 (excl)Terry Murray, one of South Africa’s leading and most experienced fundraisers, has been writing a column in DMI’s quarterly Fundraising Forum newsletter for over 20 years and this superb volume comprises these columns. Papillon Press has had the honour of publishing this book and including it in our range. We reread every single article and, with the exception of two or three that were dated – such as speculating on the impact of the advent of the National Lottery or the introduction of the NPO Act – we recognised that, as much as things change, so they stay the same. Terry’s invaluable advice, philosophy and insights are as relevant today as the wisdom, tips and pointers were when they were written. No fundraising office should be without this invaluable resource.


Congratulations to Raven Benny of Mowbray on winning a copy of our last Book Review, Successful fundraising Events.

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