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QASA recognises the many challenges facing persons with disabilities and their skills development and finding employment is a priority. QASA has set up a computer training and resource centre for persons with disabilities:

This centre has been funded by Operation Jumpstart, Microsoft and the Alexander Forbes Community Trust and will offer computer literacy courses to persons with disabilities.

A variety of courses will be offered and the learner can select a course based on their level of computer literacy. The program will provide computer technology training ranging from basic computer literacy skills to the usage of advanced business productivity applications. The Unlimited Potential Microsoft Course will also be delivered here.
Shorts courses will range from very basic computer literacy (for learners who have never used a computer before) to more advanced courses (for learners who want to “upgrade” from Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office2007).

More extensive courses will enable individuals to learn about computer technology and gain more advanced IT skills. These courses will be open to the public at a nominal fee and at no charge to persons with disabilities.

The ROD COLLENBRANDER RESOURCE CENTRE will second as an employment hub for persons with disabilities. Learners and other interested disabled persons will be assisted in compiling a ‘Winning CV’ and trained in job-hunting skills. Their CVs will then be sent to recruitment agencies and businesses that are in partnership with QASA and ready to place persons with disabilities in employment.

This new venture is a wonderful partnership which will see people with disabilities up-skilled and ready for employment. The centre is located at 23 2nd Avenue, Ashley Village, Pinetown.


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