QASA News - QASA Gets New Wheels

SA Breweries recently donated a Toyota Bus worth R250 000 to QASA. At the presentation QASA was thanked by the SAB Corporate Social Investment Manager, Sylvester Ndaba, for bringing this project to their attention. Mr Ndaba also thanked Glen Foley and Corinne Andrews from Family Adventures and Rob Shaw from Dollandia. Dollandia also contributed an electronic hoist worth R50 000 which will assist wheelchairs users from both the back and the sides (with ramps).

Mr Ndaba said that the “duo, the terrible twins,” Ari Seirlis and Andrew Lawrence, convinced SAB that this would become a worthwhile and sustainable project, and that QASA’s track record of commitment and good governance would improve the plight of quads and paraplegics. The air conditioned Toyota Quantum Bus, which can accommodate a maximum of 4 wheelchairs tied down, will operate in the Johannesburg area. The seats are removable and can be installed and removed on demand.

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