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Not really an issue for Rollers; but let’s face it, most off-the-rack clothing is not designed to look good when you are sitting down.
Despite suffering a mystery illness that has confined her to a wheelchair; vibrant young Melanie Jacobs decided to study fashion consulting. She has started a project that is fresh and different and 100% focused on the disabled community!
Assisted by Angela Deh, Melanie is looking to start a fashion line especially edited for the physique of a seated person.
“I want to create a line that looks great when you’re sitting down! Something that’s fitted and tailored for the needs of the disabled person.”
She believes that when you look good, and feel great in what you’re wearing, you exude an air of selfconfidence that attracts the people around you.
“Why should disability disqualify women from beauty? I can look good and feel great whilst being in a chair! I believe the same is true for every other disabled man and woman.”
“We would like to expand the line to a lifestyle line where we include cool accessories for wheelchairs, crutches and prosthetic limbs.”
“If we have to be in a wheelchair we might as well just rock it!”

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