HOTSpot News - Friday, 5 September 08 is Casual Day

Rise and shine,
you can dress as you may,
just remember your sticker,
it’s Casual Day”

Spread the word to all your ablebodied family, friends and colleagues and get them to support you by getting their official Casual Day sticker.

5 good reasons people should wear their stickers on 5 September ’08.

  • You are never too young, beautiful or rich to become disabled!!
  • They will not even miss the R10 donation they make.
  • Only chance to see what “The Boss” looks like in a funny outfit
  • Show the rest of the world that they are a caring person.
  • Wake up! The rest of South Africa will be participating!!

The participation recipe:

Convince everyone to participate and collect R10 from each.

Obtain the Casual Day stickers at participating welfare organisations , Absa Bank branches, any outlet of Game or Dion stores

Decide on your out-fit, and make sure it matches your sticker!

Casual Day benefits many national welfare organisations:

  • The National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA (NCPPDSA)
  • SA Federation for Mental Health
  • Disabled People South Africa (DPSA)
  • Deaf Federation of SA (DEAFSA)
  • Epilepsy SA
  • SA National Council for the Blind

These organisations represent about 400 different schools, homes and workshops for persons with disabilities.
Every year more than 200 local welfare organisations participate in this project and raise funds for their own needs. Those funds enable them to render services to the community such as:

  • Job creation
  • Education and training
  • Housing
  • Poverty alleviation and more.


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