HOTSpot News - Take a Disabled Person to Work

Isaac Maimane, a resident at the Tolokogo Self Help Centre in Soweto, came to help out the staff at Rolling Inspiration by capturing some data.
This formed part of our involvement with the Umsobumvo Youth Fund initiative to provide learning opportunities within a real work environment that will exercise skills learnt in the classroom and introduce the concept of team participation and involvement.
Isaac is a quadriplegic and uses a headset to peck away at the keyboard. He arrived in a Tolokogo bus with his care worker,
Willard feels that any dedicated care worker should be an integral part of the successes that a Roller achieves and should be
prepared to participate and get involved. He told us that he actively contributes towards Isaac’s successes and he thought that not just Isaac, but he too, had learnt a lot by spending the day with us.
Isaac’s day at Rolling Inspiration was a great experience, for us as well as him. He had no problem doing the job and when
he left he said that he had enjoyed himself.
Isaac has fully embraced the Tolokogo concept of self-help. He has done a learner ship with the Thabo Mbeki Development
Trust and is now seeking employment opportunities in the datacapture industry.

Microsoft South Africa has partnered with QASA to set up a Digital Village at Tokologo, the QASA Self Help Centre in Soweto. The Digital Village has 20 state-of-the-art computers, which also have voice-activated software and other accessibility
devices for people who are mobility-impaired. The Digital Village is a training centre offering the Microsoft “Unlimited Potential” training course. This course runs for three months, and teaches learners how to use the Microsoft Office package – MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and Front Page. At the end of the course, successful learners will receive a certificate from Microsoft, which is recognized by employers.
There will be four sessions of this course over the next year, with space for 20 people on each course. The cost is R700.00 per person, and any person may apply – you do not have to have a disability to attend these training courses!
Financial aid will be available to people with disabilities who want to do the course.

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