Rolling Sport - Fly-fishing

The first Kwazulu-Natal Nedbank / Curamus Fly Fishing competition for the Disabled was held in May for people who had served in the armed forces. The Defense Force and the Lions Club (Escourt) did an excellent job of preparing snacks and meals throughout the day, and the weather was perfect.
19 anglers registered and fished until 13h00. Conditions were not ideal, there was a lot of grass in the water and anglers rotated their spots in order to everyone a sporting chance.
Each angler was allowed to land and weigh 3 fish (trout / bass) for the competition but many anglers found it difficult to land more than one fish. So, having caught only 5 small fish all weighing 500g you would have expected the competitors to have been despondent. Far from it; every competitor vowed that they would return next year if the Curamus Association manages to establish it on the annual calendar.
Each entrant received a bag full of prizes from the companies that contributed towards the success of the day by means of sponsoring the prizes.
Johan Crouse won the heaviest bag with a total bag weight of 800g and received a wheelchair cushion worth R5000. Hans Myburg came second, Frank Kruger a close third and Rag Magoo was fourth.
The next competitions are Belfast (28 June) and then Oxbow (19 July) each limited to 40 competitors.
Fishing is from 09h00 till 13h00 followed by the prize giving and then lunch at 15h30.

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