Rolling Sport - What does it take?

What does it take to travel the road to the Paralympic Games?
By: Undine Rauter, GBT Mongoose (Gelukspan Wheelchair Basketball Team)

In wheelchair basketball no-one can travel the road alone. You need a committed team, stuck together like superglue, a team where each member trusts the other, on and off the court. Mutual respect, acceptance, team spirit and friendship is essential.
The South African Wheelchair Basketball Team qualified for the Paralympics having won a European tournament (Belgium, April 08) and is more than up to the task of competing against the world’s best for gold. Each person will have to contribute
his level best and care for his body, mind and soul.
Living a healthy life style does not start when someone is selected for a squad. It starts early. How youngsters make their choices now, will make a difference in their future!
Love for God, love for yourself and respect of others leads to informed choices, where respect, self-discipline and joy are pacing you on your way to a brighter future.
Perseverance, hard work and good support is as necessary on an individual basis as it is for the team when striving to achieve the dream of participating in the Paralympics.

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