New & Views - No Arms, No ID

After a long and arduous battle the Department of Home Affairs has finally issued an identity card to a disabled woman in a record two days.
Victoria Modise, 37, of Diepkloof Zone, Soweto lost her ID last year and applied for a replacement but was told she needed to be fingerprinted. Modise, who was born with no arms, was not able to produce fingerprints.
Spokesperson for the SA Human Rights Commission, Vincent Moaga, said the commission was deeply concerned by the incident. He said the department should refer to international practices and follow suit.
“Home Affairs should look at international practices and see what system can be put in place to assist people with disabilities to get their IDs.”
Moaga said that despite the commission meeting with the Department of Home Affairs last year to discuss these issues, not much had been done.
The Department of Home Affairs has failed to put in place a system that would help people with disabilities to get identity documents.
A representative from the Department, Benjamin Khoza, who handed over the ID in May this year and apologised to Modise for the hardship she had been through.
“I was personally very touched to read your story in the paper. It is really sad that something like this happened. It is clearly an embarrassment to us,” Khoza said.
Khoza said the Department was investigating the matter and would take disciplinary action against the people responsible.

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