QASA News - Disabled Accountants

Guarantee Trust’s Virtual Office (VO) provides Accounting Graduates up to one year work experience in a practice as part of their workreadiness program.
It addresses weakness and gives graduates confidence, support and a space to make mistakes with “real” company records, a luxury that cannot be afforded in the dog-eat-dog marketplace.
They have been delivering their work readiness program since 2003 and, by the end of this year, 1320 trainees will have graduated; 90% of them will be offered learnerships.
Accounting and professional firms are booking graduates in advance to ensure that they are available when their training is completed!
The advent of the VO in 2007 has created a new level of competence in their graduates. The Virtual Office comes complete
with general office equipment such as computers and cabling, and introduces graduates to the hiring and training of staff and setting up of company records.
Their Johannesburg and Durban VO programs were such a success that they have now introduced it in Pretoria and Cape Town.
Guarantee Trust take at least 20 disabled Accounting Graduates a year on their VO work-readiness program.

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