QASA News - National Access Authority

This joint initiative by the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities (NCPPDSA) & QASA has received a mandate from the Disability Alliance, to deal with access issues in the disability sector in South Africa.
To this end NCPPDSA & QASA have formed NAA, a policing body on access issues and an information portal for accessibility information.
David Shabangu, Access Officer, shall deal with queries and issues around access, and also distribute information about access to the sector.
The core functions of NAA are to:

1. Solicit and investigate queries on:

  • Access problems,
  • Transgressions of the National Building regulations
  • Problems experienced by people in the physical environment.

2. Resolve any issues amicably, or use the powers of the Equality Act, to enforce compliance.

3. Source and store information regarding access for distribution, when requested, to the sector.

NAA will ensure that this post and authority provide a portal that solves access problems and creates awareness around the accessibility needs of Persons with disabilities.

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