DHL Flyers Wrap Up 2008!

2008 has come to a close and they had a fairly good season, remaining in sixth position.According to the DHL Flyers team manager, Ayanda Langa “we should have won most of our matches, we played exceptionally well. However, our finishing was weak and this led to us not getting the ball in the net.”“Last year was our first season and our team was very young. In that first season the players panicked a lot and made mistakes because they were nervous. This year they were a lot more settled, not so nervous and it showed in the games. But our finishing let us down. We need conversions.”“Also, the players are strong on the court but they need to develop mentally and technically - and that means investing time in clinics and workshops.” “Teams 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 all ended in the same positions as last season and we need to make some changes if we are going to finish higher up the ladder next time.”“Our plan for the next season is to bring new faces - maybe one high pointer who will solve our shooting problem. A more experienced player could also help guide the younger players.”
Part of the wrapping up process requires the team manager to look back on the season and assess aspects that the players brought to the game and to the team.

The team’s sponsor, DHL, has covered the full cost of getting the team to games, no matter where they were played in South Africa, and has also provided the full kit.Ayanda acknowledged the dedication of their sponsor and the important role they played in DHL Flyers’ continuing success.

“DHL’s sponsorship has changed the team’s lives. We are stress-free, both kit and transport is sorted. We appreciate DHL’s continued commitment in sponsoring the team. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.”





Mgcini Mzileni, No. 7, was declared the most improved player of 2008. Mgcini was chosen to play for the SA U22 team Reunion Tour which took place in August 2008. He played as the low pointer – a position that saw him showcasing his skill of ‘cutting in’ to create scoring chances for the high pointers.

2008’s most disciplined player was No. 8, Lubabalo Nzaba. Devoted to the game, Lubabalo encourages other team members to do their best. He is a very spirited player with definite Captaincy potential.

The youngest DHL Flyer of the season was No. 14, Luyanda Ntwalana, a high pointer. Despite a truly remarkable performance at the 2007 U22 National Championships, Luyanda received very little game time. He was approached to join DHL Flyers and has surprised the team. He is excellent in both offense and defense play.

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