News & Views - CE Mobility now in Rivonia

CE Mobility has opened a new branch in at Rehab Matters - 1 De La Rey Rd, Rivonia. You can call Occupational Therapist, Illse Van Zyl, (now Du Preez) Including onsite pressure mapping.RI went with Erika to deliver the first prize from CE Mobility’s recent RI competition to the winner, Daniel Peens, (C3/4 incomplete).When we arrived Daniel was sitting on a bit of foam on a wooden plank across an old manual wheelchair that he didn’t fit into and was obviously very uncomfortable.His old wheelchair had conked in and now he was making do!Daniel is a very tall, big framed man and he was almost as excited about his new cushion as he was about the power wheelchair.Thanks CE Mobility for a super competition and a great prize!

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