HotSPOT News - Round Table's Cannonball Run 2008

Sipho Mdletshe of QASA and Greg Pinches of Compute are disabled drivers who took part in this year’s crazy Cannonball Run.Greg, finished in 10th place, (20 points behind the winner) and was fined by the Polizia for being NICE! He says the polizia created road blocks and fined you for just looking suspicious, but a bribe allowed you to continue. For a small fee you could also purchase a couple of essential clues! The Sneaky Arabs tried to evade the polizia with their 4x4, which didn’t go down well; fake guns blazed but nobody got hurt.There were two hi-speed challenges; a 1km Sprint and a ¼ mile run. The Porsche 911’s and the Lamborghini Murcielago both did the ¼ mile in just over 10 seconds.
In the gymkhana event a London Taxi beat an SLK 55!For Sipho and his wife it was their 2nd CBR, made possible by the ongoing support of Lamborghini and QASA who sponsored them at this year’s event.The fun run raised more than R120,000 last year (this year’s figures are not in yet) and all profits are donated to charity.It goes without saying that the event would not have been possible without the support from the sponsors: Lamborghini JHB, Respiratory Care Africa, Cars in Action, Continental Inks, Zippo, Burlington Freight, Compute, Playstation 3 and Bert’s Bricks.

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