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Active drive for wheelchairs

A wheelchair makes it possible for a disabled person to move around and promote activity. However, even with good technical coordination it is often not possible for users to move around sufficiently by themselves as slopes, kerbs, door thresholds often present barriers.

To help overcome these barriers e-motion provides active assistance when pushing a wheelchair. Well disguised electric motors in the wheel hubs provide the extra thrust. When the push rim is engaged, sensors automatically determine the energy and the length of support necessary and the driving characteristics adapt automatically while the chair is moving. E-motion fits most wheelchairs by simply exchanging the normal wheelchair wheels with the e-motion driving wheels. The compact design of the e-motion wheels makes transportation easy and the batteries supplied with the system can be easily removed while in a sitting position and recharged in two and a half hours.

Finding solutions

Freelift Technical Solutions is committed to helping the mobility impaired find customised, economical solutions to their problems. Along with mechanical lifts, the company offers a range of mechanical aids to help make people more mobile.

A key area that Freelift is exploring is leisure and sport aids. The BW-100 is the only rolling beach chair designed to float in water. Using spaced floats the chair is exceptionally stable, like a catamaran. Another mobility solution is a wheeled walker that allows children great freedom of movement in social settings. These are just some of the solutions that Freelift offers. See their advert on page 11 for more details.

Bath Water Level Alert

The Bath Water Level Alert is designed to warn the bath user when the bath water has reached the set and desired level. This device removes the need to continuously check the bath water as you will be alerted by means of a loud warning signal when it has reached the necessary level.

Flooding is hereby prevented and it is also a water saving device in areas where there are restrictions on water usage. No special installations are required as it attaches to the bath by means of a suction cup. The Bath Water Level Alert retails for approximately R159.95. For more information call 011-616-4487 or email:

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