Rolling Inspiration moves up gear in 2006!

Starting from March next year, the frequency will increase from quarterly to bi-monthly and there will be a total of five issues through 2006.

Content planning for 2006 is well advanced – Rolling Inspiration remains completely committed to providing the best possible cutting edge information, enlightenment and reading entertainment to South Africa’s mobility impaired community.

Over the last two years, a swelling number of advertisers has shared this ambition, and support from them has grown to the point which now makes the increased frequency possible.

Next year will see several refinements to a proven and highly successful content combination. These include:

• The advance publication of our Product Shootout topics for each of the five issues (see below);• The expansion of our unique pool of specialist columnists – each expert and highly regarded in his or her field of expertise; • The introduction of a letters column; • The continuation of our popular Reader Profile features; • Ongoing separate Rolling Inspiration Initiative booklets on specialised educational and self-help topics; • Enhancement of our sports coverage – already we lead the country in our reviews of developments in swimming, athletics, hand-cycling, basketball, rugby, tennis and (more recently) golf; • The expansion of our New Product and HotSpot News items; and • Other pastimes, such as quad bike riding, mountaineering – and even bungy jumping and sky wing-walking! – will continue getting our support and attention.

We encourage all role players to be participative in the Rolling Inspiration process. If you have an idea or concept you think we should be looking at, don’t hesitate in getting in touch.


Issue Cover Date

Target posting date:

Product Shootout topic:

Mar/Apr 2006 6th March Lifts – stairs and thro’-floor
May/Jun 2006 8th May Motorised scooters
Jul/Aug 2006 10th July Stand up tables/wheelchairs
Sep/Oct 2006 11th Sept Environmental control systems
Nov/Dec 2006 13th Nov Lightweight wheelchairs –
rigid or folding frames


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