What's Your Number?

Western numerology is based on the precepts of the great mathematician, astronomer and musician, Pythagoras. He believed that numbers have a vibration and that the date of your birth influenced your life.
If you add up all the numbers in 2009 you arrive at 11. Add 1+1 and you get 2. So 2009 is going to be a 2 year. 2 years are about understanding, patience and co-operation. But what else can you expect, based on your own numbers?
Let’s say you were born November 15th. Add up those numbers (1+5+1+1) and we get 8. Add that 8 to the 2 (of 2009) to get 10. 1+0=1. So 2009 would be a personal 1 year for you, a year of new creations and because the world is learning patience and co-operation, you will probably bang your head against many walls in frustration!
Personal 1 year - A time for change and new beginnings, an action year. Set long term goals and think about where you are going with your love, life and career. It is a selfish year! Be more independent, courageous, assertive and determined. If you don’t, the planet will do it for you! You might want to remain single this year. If someone or something is irritating you, dump it.
Personal 2 year – The plans you made last year won’t happen over night. Change requires balance, patience, understanding, harmony, diplomacy and co-operation. This year should be slower than 2008. Focus on the small stuff. Don’t push things. If you get angry, life will whack you. How do we learn patience? By being forced to sit and wait, patiently. Relationships and partnerships are ood. You may learn a few negotiating skills!
Personal 3 year - Network and enjoy all the pleasures of life. This is a childlike and creative time. Be enthusiastic. Paint, sing, dance, act, redo the garden or write a book. Travel, eat strange new foods and chat to strangers. Don’t take on new responsibilities. An excellent year for weddings, promotions, and long-term commitments. Have fun! Don’t waste emotional energy.
Personal 4 year – Put your nose to the grindstone and get to work. You need to take care of small things, repair cracks and put everything in order. Stabilise your love, life, work and home. You shall feel energised and motivated. You might find yourself at loggerheads and feeling boxed in. Try tact and diplomacy! Buy her flowers! IMPORTANT: Do not put things off. Do them now – or else!
Personal 5 year - Expanding horizons, growth, change and happiness! So much will be going on that you must be careful not to spread yourself too thin. This is a year of opportunities and new direction. Change will be forced upon you, use it to help you move forward. Finer details will just irritate you. A good time for romance. Watch out for rash decisions!
Personal 6 year – This is the best year for home, family and friends. Focus on love, harmony and happiness but don’t become a doormat! Get involved in the community. Resolve tensions, fix the home, get into real estate or take a second honeymoon. It is a slow year. Take time out to relax but do not shirk your responsibilities. Fix up the guest bedroom and invite Granny.
Personal 7 year – Study, learn how to meditate or take a course in selfdevelopment. Words, crowds and people may be tiring for you. This year may be emotionally, mentally and physically draining. If anything legal comes up, get advice. Watch your health, try not to travel, just go with the flow. Stock up on the multivitamins. Reduce work pressures and remain cool. Don’t get too involved.
Personal 8 year – Everything you started in your 1 year should now be coming to fruition. Take all of your available energy and act now! This is the best year for business and finance but remember to read the fine print and get help on legal matters. Be confident, efficient, practical and resourceful. Watch your health and take a time out only when you need it.
Personal 9 year – Completion and endings, the end of the cycle. It can also be a very emotional year. Mind sets, relationships and career must all be assessed to see if they are still useful. If you don’t do it, life will do it for you, and that could be painful! Do not start anything new as it may not last. This year is the spring cleaning time of the cycle so take time to sort out the closets of your life. Expect painfully abrupt endings in your relationships, career and home.
Rolling Inspiration wishes you all the best for 2009!

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