The Rude Awakening's Xmas Wishlist

December is a time of giving. It is also a time when grown men stare straight ahead in the morning traffic and try to surreptitiously wipe their eyes so no-one will realise that Joburg’s very own Santa, Jeremy Mansfield, and his 94.7 Highveld Stereo elf, Samantha Cowen, has made them cry, again!
Rude Awakening asks listeners to write in and tell them of people who need a little Christmas cheer. Requests are posted on the web so that everyone has an opportunity to help.
Wednesday, 3 December
Skyjacks came to the rescue of Cedric Jacob. He was paralysed from the waist in a car accident and then his wife left him and their three children. Cedric secured himself a job driving a taxi but needed to customise his car. Skyjacks Tailifts and Skyjacks Welfare and Commercial provided an Omnigo Wheelchair Lift and his wheels now ride along on the car roof when he goes about his business. They also gave him R10 000 to buy Christmas presents for his daughters.
Thursday, 4 December
Four-month-old Chloe Coetzee was born with Spina Bifida and club feet. In her short life she has already endured two operations (to close a hole in her back and to insert a shunt), paid for by donations from friends and family of her mum, Candace. A ligament lengthening operation for her feet is scheduled for 16 February at a cost of over R60 000. A group of seven friends sponsored R10,000 each for Chloe’s operation.
Monday, 8 December
Single Parent, Veejeya Naidoo, had a motor vehicle accident in 2000. After four operations to her neck and spine in 17 months she is left with partial paralysis in her right leg. She was pensioned off from work and lost almost everything due to loss of income. At the time of the accident, and during the subsequent operations her 7 year old son, Manesh, took care of her and his younger brother. Manesh, now 15, has been offered a place at the Southdowns Football Club and Players Academy in 2009. He has great skill with a ball and a bright future but the academy costs over R70 000 a year which Veejeya just cannot afford. Thanks to 94.7 Putco agreed to sponsor R100 000 towards his training fees.
On the same day there was a second wish, this time for Lloyd Manyaka, a Roodepoort paramedic and fireman, paralysed from the waist down when he was rear-ended in a car accident in 2003. Lloyd is still employed by the Fire Department, answering phones and greeting visitors to the Fire Station. As the station was not wheelchair friendly station commander, Andries Manyama, converted one of the toilets and put in a wheelchair ramp. Lloyd had an automatic Corolla which he drove using a broom stick to press the accelerator and brake pedals. Thanks to 94.7 Garmin South Africa sponsored a 2008 Chevy Aveo demo model at a cost of almost R120 000 with Easy Rider Hand Controls installed.
Cedric, Veejeya, Candace and Lloyd will also be receiving one year’s free subscription to Rolling Inspiration.
(Photos of RAW and Manesh courtesy of Primedia, photo of Chloe courtesy of Beeld)

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