An Easier Ride

Inventor and innovator, Louis Nortje, of Easy Rider Hand Controls has not had any easy ride himself.
In 1975 he was a 23 year-old underground surveyor at a gold mine when a rock fall severed his spine. He moved to an office job and stayed on the mine for a further 27 years, in Human Resources Management.
Louis’ first hand control was made by a friend on the mines, since then he has only used controls that he has built himself and his Easy Rider Hand Controls show a deep understanding of disabled drivers’ needs.
Controls can cost up to R30 000.00 and often require major conversions when fitting. Once in a car they tend to stay there forever. If you have a car and a bakkie you have to get two controls, one for each vehicle.
Louis is a get-up-and-go person, and so are his sturdy, permanent/portable hand controls. Once you know how, they take just 5 minutes to install or remove, meaning that you can take them overseas on holiday with you in your luggage or lend them to a friend for the weekend.
His most popular model, the Easy Rider Left Hand (although it can also be set up for right hand) costs only R3850.00 including fitting and VAT. The Easy Rider Dual Control can go left or right, is adjusted in situ and costs only R4100 incl. everything. They are Gerotek tested and used by Hertz throughout South Africa.
Louis wanted to show his appreciation to Andy Scott for everything that he has accomplished in the disability sector and Mandeville and he knew that his portable hand controls would help to make Andy’s hectic lifestyle much easier.
Rolling’s Karen Joseph met up with the two of them at Mandeville as Louis presented a set of his Easy Rider Dual Controls to the man who selflessly does so much for so many.

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