Jodi Bieber Captures Real Beauty

World renowned photographer, Jodi Bieber, presented a provocative solo exhibition at the Goodman Gallery, Rosebank towards the end of last year.
Jodi has travelled the world photographing war and strife and other news worthy items but at the Goodman she came home and photographed everyday South Africans.
Real Beauty reflects Jodi’s commitment to showing life as it really is and continues the pattern started in 2006 with the launch of Between Dogs and Wolves – Growing up with South Africa.
For her latest project Jodi got even the shyest of the shy to strip off and show the world just how gorgeous ordinary people are.
When Rolling’s Mandy Latimore was approached by Jodi to be part of the project she was quite reticent, there was no way that she wanted to let people see her in her underwear.
Eventually Jodi talked her around and by D-Day Mandy was quite keen to do the shoot. She found her least revealing underwear and decided on the best spot in her home to do the shoot. Just enough light but not too much!
Jodi used no special lighting for the photographs and no flash, the photos are an exercise in contrast and natural lighting and this softens the images. Captured in black and white and grays or sepia browns, the natural light celebrates the glory of the models, barely-visible warts and all, and lent an almost impressionist feel to the exhibition.

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