QASA News - QASA Intern - Dorothy Anne Howitson

QASA, in partnership with EDTP SETA, have employed 6 interns for 2008/9. An internship is a work experience programme that gives people workplace experience or an opportunity to practice work skills. It is a practical programme to assist with the continuous development of people for future appointment in the labour market.
Dorothy Anne Howitson started her internship on the 1 August 2008 as an administrator/ researcher. Her duties include reviewing South African law pertaining to accessibility and social development policies as well as researching disability issues. She is also involved in disability awareness and sensitization and the collection and distribution of disability information.
Dorothy Anne contracted polio in January 1957 and has had Post-Polio-Sequelae since 1996. She resides in Kimberley and matriculated from the Elizabeth Conradie School in 1973. She then went on to further her studies at the International Correspondence School, Northern Cape Technical College and The Department of Health Training Institute where she successfully completed her N5 and studies in Junior Management, Labour Relations and Applied Psychology.
She is currently a Special Member of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities and global Vice-Chairperson of the Social Commission of Rehabilitation International. She is also a Board Member of the Health and Welfare SETA.
Amongst her many achievements she can include representing NCPPDSA at International Conferences, receiving the Kimberlite of the Year Award (1999), Premier’s Award and Activist / Community Builder of Year – Northern Cape (2005). She has also delivered a number of papers at International Conferences and Forums. Recently, she presented a paper entitled “War & Conflict in Africa – Effect on Persons with Disabilities” at the Biennial Conference of NCPPDSA.
In Dorothy Anne’s words: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves... Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” - Proverbs 31:8-9
“I believe God has called me to obey the above verse from Proverbs and that is why I am a volunteer in the disability sector. This is my calling. I believe this without a doubt, even when times are very tough and in the most difficult times of speaking to Public and Private Sector, family or friends who have a patronizing attitude. I believe God has gifted me with a talent of discerning between right or wrong and then making me fearless in coming up for those who can’t speak out for themselves.”
“I grieve when persons with disabilities are victimized and my hands are tied to do anything. I am passionate about my work in the disability sector and believe we are doing good work. Even though my body is getting weaker [and the work more], I will continue to strive to make a difference.”
“The ratification of the UN Convention is a joy and I will work to make it a reality in SA.”
“In my free time I enjoy reading (mainly non-fiction), listening to music, doing cross-stitch embroidery. I take care of my mother who has Parkinson’s disease.”

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