The Oscars Fight it out

February is Oscar month. For 81 years the Oscars have dominated the awards scene as reporters and paparazzi camp outside the homes of Hollywood celebrities trying to get the first photo of the biggest celebrities in their glittering gowns.
This February Oscar fever came to the Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg as reporters and paparazzi camped out in the hospital car park trying to get photos of Oscar Pistorius, South Africa’s Blade Runner, who lay in the intensive care unit, battered and bruised from a boating accident.
Saturday, 21 February, had started off as any other glorious Gauteng weekend. Oscar and his brother, Carl, their cousins and friends took advantage of the warm weather and went off to the Vaal River.
Late in the afternoon Oscar was piloting the boat when he hit something in the water and was sent flying. His famous face impacted with the steering wheel of the boat but luckily his friend, John was unhurt.
Oscar‘s biggest dream is to take part in the 2012 Olympics in London, and for that, he needs to qualify. He is still young, just 22 years old, and with his ability, charisma, guts and determination there is nothing that can prevent him from obtaining his dream, if he trains hard enough.
And he has been training, already down 5kgs due to his intense training schedule. His first competition of the year was to be in March and the BT Paralympic World Cup is at Manchester in May.
Just one week before his accident, and in between his crazy training schedule, Oscar squeezed in time to launch his own range of men’s cosmetics, Carbon Cosmetics a unique fragrance aimed at upwardly mobile young men.
The trauma sustained in the accident is quite severe, and Oscar’s jaw was wired to allow healing to take place. Although he is recovering well it is probably going to be a while before we see his lovely “Oscar Winning” smile again.

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