Watch out Visa Wings!

A new sporting body, is taking Lenasia, and Southern Jo’burg, by storm – The Southern Disabled Sports Association. Their theme is “Believe in Yourself … Aggressively” and they intend becoming a conduit for people with disabilities to come out of their shells in a sports mad but caring environment.

 From humble beginnings the initial five mobility impaired members (not really enough for a basketball team!) have now grown to 22 members with various disabilities some of them from as far afield as Sebokeng.

Although they are currently concentrating on basketball they are also looking at athletics, archery, wheelchair rugby and swimming. They have affiliated with the Lenasia Sports Council and anticipate being on their executive board soon. They have also been allocated the use of the Lenasia Ext. 3 Recreation Centre by the council for region G and have been training from there.

They have been training three times a week in normal wheelchairs for the last few months, but are improving and getting more aggressive in their game and the time has come to obtain proper game chairs, before someone gets hurt. Now they need to raise the R25000 to buy the chairs.

If you would like to get involved in anyway or donate something towards the purchase of the wheelchairs please contact Samir Asmal on 0826732261 or Denzil on 0765293056.

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