Special Voting for Persons with Disabilities

If, due to physical infirmity, disability or pregnancy, you are unable to vote at your voting station on 22 April 2009 you can apply for a special vote and, if approved, you will vote where you are confined.

The IEC will not automatically visit hospitals etc so you must apply for a special vote by completing a VEC1 form and, if you will be in the voting district for which you are registered, you must fax, deliver or send your VEC1 form either:


  • To the IEC Municipal Electoral Office responsible for your voting district before 14 April 2009. They will forward it to the presiding officer of your voting station.*
  • Or directly to the Office of the Presiding Officer of your voting station on 20 April 2009 which will be at, or close to, your voting station.

If you will not be in the voting district for which you are registered then you must fax, deliver or send your VEC1 form to the IEC Municipal Electoral Office of the municipality that you will be in. They will send your application to the presiding officer for the voting district in which you will be situated.
In both cases the presiding officer will visit you to verify that you are registered as a voter and that you cannot get to the voting station.
If approved, the IEC will send two voting officials to you on either the 20th or 21st of April. They will stamp your identity document, your thumb nail will be marked with indelible ink, and you will receive the ballot paper(s). If you are not in your regular voting district you will only receive a ballot for the National Assembly;
Mark the ballot(s) in secret and place in the unmarked envelope provided. That envelope will be placed inside a second envelope marked with your name, ID number and voting district (VD) number.
The IEC officials will place the envelope in a secure ballot box for special votes. Your name will be marked off from the Voters’ Roll with a “SV” to indicate that you have cast a special vote.

To download the VEC1 form go to www.elections.org.za/Voting_SpecialVoting.asp.

To get the fax number for your Municipal Electoral office go to www.elections.org.za/Contact.asp and scroll down to your province. Click on the drop down menu to select the electoral office closest to you. The info should pop up on the left of the drop down menu.

As at 31 March 2009 this website function is still not working properly and the IEC is ignoring our requests for answers. If the data comes up blank for you, we suggest you click “Back to Provinces” (top of the screen) and get the phone number for your provincial office.

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