QASA empowers members with study bursaries

QASA prioritizes skills development and thereby the employment potential of people with disabilities. Each year QASA awards bursaries to members to obtain a qualification in the field of their choice at their institution of choice.
The fund is named in honour of Neville Cohen who passed away in September 2005. Neville was one of the stalwarts of the disability sector in South Africa and there are many people with mobility impairments who benefited in some way from his tireless campaigning for access and other disability issues.
Many QASA members have already received Neville Cohen Education Fund bursaries and have successfully qualified in a variety of fields ranging from Matriculation to Law degrees.
Alesanyaneng Irene Chukudu is one example of a Neville Cohen Education Fund success story. Irene is a resident at the Tokologo Self Help Centre in Soweto and relies on her disability grant for income as she is young and unemployed. Having an ambitious streak, Irene decided to better herself and study further. She first applied for a bursary in January of 2008 to attend classes at the South West Gauteng College with her eye on a Human Resources (N4) qualification. Transport and accessibility issues did not discourage Irene and she passed her first 6 months with flying colours.
She then applied for another bursary to continue her studies to the end of 2008 (N5 Human Resource Management) and again excelled.
Irene has been awarded another bursary to complete her N6 in Human Resource Management in 2009. QASA has no doubt that Irene will do extremely well with her studies again this year and go on to have a successful career in Human Resources.




QASA is proud to have support from PPC Cement, PetroSA and the Nedbank Foundation for the Neville Cohen Education Fund.

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