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Rugby Injuries

Dear Editor
Jzaun my son has passed his Matric last year with good results.
Not sure if you can still remember, Jzaun is a rugby injury 2006 quadriplegic now with a lot of challenges as you know.
We still get the Rolling Inspirations and believe me this magazine has been so valuable to all of us. Every issue we learn something new I must say this magazine has been a life line in my life. Lots of un answered questions has been answered in this magazines. - DowlineIt does our hearts good when we hear such lovely words! - ed

Ryan’s Super Mini

Dear Caroline,
I finally got to catch up on the latest (last 2 issues) Rolling Inspiration magazines yesterday and only really read your articles - the ones on driving very expensive unaffordable cars!? Andy Scott’s one was a bit of a dreamer – I mean let’s face it who can really afford a SLK! The part I liked about that article was the bit where you mentioned he had come from a tough upbringing and had to work for everything he has today.

Ryan Dekker’s one however was the one that really caught my eye. Not only because I like the fact that this bloke does things by himself but mainly because he is driving my dream car! When I had my little car write off thing a few months back I was actually looking at getting me one of those little Minis but in the end the transfer distance between the seat and my chair and that massive price tag got me to look elsewhere. At the time I was looking at importing a 2nd hand one from Japan but the Dollar was much stronger then and I was perhaps a bit impatient so I just left it but now, after reading this article, I’m all keen again and think I might look at getting me one eventually.

There’s no way I’ll be able to afford a brand new one but the Dollar has weakened again so importing one could be an option again.
Cheers, - Douglas

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