Video CVs - Be Seen!

There is a new player in the staffing market with a very different approach to job hunting, First Interview.
Instead of uploading your CV, at First Interviews you submit an interview video. Their studies have shown that prospective employers form opinions in just five seconds, so that first impression is really important.
At First Interview you can think about, prepare for and then record your five minute interview, responding to the most frequently asked questions usually asked at a first interview.

As you are doing this in your own space and at your own pace you can redo the interview as many times as it takes to get it right. All this without having to leave the house!
When you do meet the employer, they will already ‘know’ you and they must have liked what they saw!
In addition to the video you list your skills, on-line, from preset categories. When a company does a search, they choose from the same set of skills that you did. Accurate skills matching!

You will also be required to complete an on-line Personality Evaluation that analyses your general personality type. Are you more carefree or more organised? A reserved listener or an out-going talker? Amiable or direct?
Employers who are looking for staff will find you first via your skills and then look at your personality type to see if you fit into their company.
Then you get to ‘talk’ to them, show them your wonderful personality and excellent people skills.

This service is free to all job seekers. The employers pay for the service provided.
Profiles for candidates with disabilities will be made available to employers at no charge to them which gives people with disabilities an immediate advantage.
And it’s about time too!

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