Discovery's Eagles fly circles around the opposition!

The Discovery Eagles recently defeated arch-rivals Namitech Bladerunners in a clash of steel and burning rubber, taking home the gold as the 2005 SuperSport Wheelchair Basketball Series champions!

The long road to the final

This year’s series ended with three nail-biting finals between the Eagles and the Blades. The series has four rounds, and log points from the first two rounds are carried over with one round of playoff determining the first, second, third and fourth positions for the Top 4 playoffs. Here all previous log points fall away and the top four teams play three playoff games, with the results determining which two top teams meet for the three finals.

Learning from their mistakes

The Namitech Bladerunners took the first final in style with an impressive score of 79 to 67. It was an exciting game, with the Eagles showing weak defence and leaving the way open for Blades' main player Richard Nortjie to score an awesome 60 points, at a shooting percentage of 71. This gave the Bladerunners a crucial 12 points going into the second final. Here the Eagles bounced back dramatically, however, with Buntu Manyana and Dave Curle keeping Richard out with their strong defensive strategy thus allowing Nick Taylor to put up five 3-pointers. Their excellent tactical play saw the Eagles rack up a hard-fought score of 69 to 60, allowing them to carry over 9 points.

Final game a close affair

The teams took the difference of their scores from the first and second finals through to the third final which gave the Namitech Bladerunners an advantage of 3 points and made for a very dramatic final game. The Blades gave the Eagles a run for their money, but their 3-point advantage was short-lived as the Discovery Eagles swooped in to clinch both game and series with a final score of 74 to 71.

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