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Wii Aids

A study of just 20 people is bringing both fun and the hope of improved motor skills to stroke survivors.The leader of the study, Gustavo Saposnik, the director of the Stroke Outcomes Research Unit at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, reported his findings at an American Stroke Association conference:

“This is the first randomised clinical study showing that virtual reality using Wii gaming technology is feasible and safe and is potentially effective in enhancing motor function following a stroke.”

The 20 participants either played real games such as cards or the block balancing game, Jenga, or virtual Wii games including Wii Cooking Mama, (cutting up potatoes, peeling onions and grating cheese) and Wii Tennis, for eight, one-hour sessions.

Saposnik said the Wii players showed “significant motor improvement in speed and extent of recovery. Patients in the Wii group achieved a better motor function, both fine and gross, manifested by improvement in speed and grip strength,”

Saposnik said that the repetitive, high intensity nature of the Wii games activates certain neurons in the brain. A larger feasibility study is looking at Wii play as therapy for stroke victims.

Statistics show that the closer you are to the equator, the lower the prevalence of MS!

Doctors are not allowed to advise Multiple Sclerosis SA of any newly diagnosed patients due to doctor -patient confidentiality and, as there is no MS register (and subsequently no accurate figures of PwMS) the South African theme for World MS Day shall be MS CENSUS.

It requires courage for a person with MS to make contact with other MS people and it may take years before they contact an MS society so the main aim in 2010 will be to find and count everybody diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.


Cool Quads

Picture it, you are invited to a braai with your mates and instead of having to sit 50 metres away under the gazebo, with a fan and a wet dish rag on your head, you are sitting at the braai and shooting the breeze with your friends!

The COOL SHIRT was designed to cool racing drivers who must function at peak performance in fireproof racing overalls. A coolant such as ice water is pumped through a number of small pipes, sewn onto a shirt, providing an instant cooling effect on the body. The shirt can also be used to provide heat.

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